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BOUT is the only Kickboxing & Muaythai training club which takes you deep in to the world of real sport

Learn and practice the art of limbs from the State & National level Medalist.

Boxing, Kickboxing, Thai Boxing - Muaythai has proved through a research by ACE! that  besides keeping your Body fit and other benefits, it can help you burn anywhere around 350 to 450 calories an hour. The only way your New Year's resolution to get in shape is going to stick is if you enjoy the program you choose. Why? Because our program makes getting back in shape fun, invigorating, and highly motivating.

Do You Want To:

  • Learn The Most Effective Standup Striking Martial Art Ever Created!

  • Lose Weight Without Getting Bored!

  • Train in a Professional, Clean, and Friendly Environment!

  • Join a Kickboxing Program That Is Designed To Help You Progress to the Next Level Starting as a Beginner!

  • Train Side by Side with Top Professional and Amateur Fighters Without Having to Compete!

And that's just the beginning of the benefits you will see with our Kickboxing & MuayThai program!

Make this year different. Make this the year you follow through with your enthusiasm and resolutions

The combinations you perform on the blocks, jabs, and kicks are executed upon an imagined opponent. You may see classes where participants throw punches and kicks on the air. You will also find training camps that have quality equipment such as punching bags. You may also have the option of getting a partner that uses padded hands.

You can enjoy more benefits aside from the physical aspects of boxing trainings. It also helps maintain the heart rate at 75 to 85 percent of the regular beats. This has been proven to be good and is the recommended range if you are exercising or into training.

Mental Benefits

Increased self-control
Increased self-confidence
Improved study
Improved confidence, self-image, and concentration
Increased enthusiasm and a positive mental outlook
Improved anger management and non-violent conflict resolution skills
Improved success skills such as problem solving and goal setting

Physical Benefits

Weight loss and lean muscle gain
Stress reduction
Increased coordination
Increased flexibility
Increased strength
Increased endurance

Behavioral Benefits


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From the State & National Medalist

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What is offered?

Learn the different types Natural Body Weapons/Self Protection Tips – Learn how to use your body and self protection methods. Actual self protection techniques are demonstrated and may be performed by participants during particular classes.

To ensure individual attention, as these classes are interactive, class size is limited.

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